Many people have inherited or unwanted jewellery that is not their style. The temptation is for them to sell it but this is usually the worst thing to do. You may have accumulated or inherited a collection of jewellery which, whilst it has sentimental value, never gets worn because it is unfashionable, worn out, or just not to your taste. Such items can be broken up, and the constituent parts can be used to create new designer jewellery that you will enjoy wearing, whilst retaining the sentimental value attached to original piece.

Tastes change over the years and the jewellery you wore when you were younger may no longer reflect your taste today. Many people with yellow gold jewellery now prefer white metals such as platinum and palladium, which are much more fashionable. We can take the stones from your old gold pieces and set them into more contemporary jewellery in white metal. The unwanted yellow gold can be taken at scrap value against the cost of the white metal and the labour.

Many older people have jewellery they never wear because they no longer attend the sorts of occasions where ostentatious jewellery would be appropriate. We are often asked to break large piece of jewellery into a few smaller and more wearable items. Sometimes this is done so that jewellery can be passed on to younger generations. – A three-stone diamond ring might be turned into three single-stone rings for daughters or granddaughters.

Over the years most people all seem to accumulate some useless bits of gold. These might include rings that no longer fit, broken chains that are beyond repair, spare links from a shortened bracelet, odd earings and cufflinks, etc.. It is not uncommon for a box of useless bits and pieces that has been sitting in a drawer for years to contain sufficient material for us to produce several pieces of jewellery!

If you have unwanted jewellery or scrap gold, why not show us? We can help to transform a family heirloom, or jewellery that no longer suits your style, into an exciting new piece of jewellery.

Gem By Gems would love to help you transform an old piece and turn it into a piece of fine jewellery that you will love for years to come. We can re-transform and update an existing piece of jewellery, or use a collection of old or broken jewellery to create something completely new. Gem By Gems specializes in custom design and can work with you to design something that you will love out of pieces that you no longer wear.

Many precious metals and most gemstones are valuable and reusable. During your obligation-free design appointment, we will discuss the type of piece that you would like to create to suit your taste and requirements. Once the design phase is complete, we will handcraft the piece for you to ensure that it meets our high standards of quality.

Over the years we have worked with a large number of clients to redesign and recreate their old jewellery. For example, one of our clients inherited a diamond and sapphire brooch and ring, neither of which she wore. We recreated these two pieces into a stunning anniversary ring, featuring her grandmother’s diamonds, thus preserving the sentimental value of the piece. With a little creativity, we can help to rework some of your old, sentimental jewellery items into fabulous new pieces that you will be proud to wear.

We welcome you to drop in for an obligation-free design consultation to discuss how we can create something new from your existing jewellery.

Set yourself a budget then let us know, we can also find diamonds or coloured stones somewhere around the world that will fit your requirements, we are constantly importing shipments from Antwerp, America, India and Israel through our great assortment of Diamond cutters and merchants. We can make up a design and re-create your design either by computer or by the old way of sketching, Tanweer Hussain has been sketch designing for over 8 years, from there we can hand create your master piece like we have done for so many others over so many years.

jewellery sketch