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Mr. Tanweer Hussain: Pure Determination To Shine Gem By Gems Pte Ltd

When it comes to describing Mr. Tanweer Hussain’s entrepreneurial journey, nothing could be a more fitting comparison than that of a precious diamond. The owner of Gem by Gems Pte Ltd, a personalized jewellery service, was polished by the heat of adversity before he could shine. In the same way diamonds are the hardest and purest of earth’s gemstones, Tanweer’s stubborn commitment and pure determination makes his business a shining success. Here’s his story.

From Store Clerk To Store Owner: Building A Business With Integrity

Before 2004, Tanweer was the man behind the showcase, working at a jewellery store at the Changi Airport. Over the years of selling jewellery from off the shelf, he felt inspired to change the experience of customers by redefining custom-made fine jewellery. “We offer a truly hands on approach. We do not sell items online as we believe in getting to know our customers,” he shares. Proof to this, Gem By Gems doesn’t keep an inventory of loose diamonds. Instead, they have unset diamonds and uncut gemstones for customers to choose from. This means greater freedom and flexibility for customers to choose according to their preference and budget. “Because we don’t keep loose gems, we do not have to limit customers’ options, or upsell to them just to avoid having pre-set jewellery pieces age in the inventory,” Tanweer shares.

Tanweer’s team has a collective experience in jewellery craftsmanship of over 25 years. They are a registered business and hold a certification from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the institution that provides education, research and unbiased grading and analysis of diamonds and other precious gems.

The importance Tanweer places on acquiring certification and building trust align with one principle he lives by: integrity in business. “Being in the diamond and gem trade, there are a lot of fakes out there and we are committed to integrity in business dealings,” he shares.

Moreover, Tanweer looks beyond the material when running his business. His life principle of compassion, he says, gives more meaning to his success. “Success and wealth is pointless if you don’t have compassion. It is also the same when acquiring a diamond or any precious gem. It is not just the material value of the ring that should drive people to desire to have one. Rather, it is the occasion and memories surrounding the ring that makes it truly precious. That is why it every piece from our store is personalized,” he shares.

Lessons For New Entrepreneurs: Control Your Thoughts, Control Your Destiny

Mr. Tanweer Hussain begins every day with a positive mind. “Your thought becomes your word, your word becomes your action, your action becomes your destiny,” he says. Much of his inspiration and positive thinking he got from his uncle who runs a travel agency, and whose rags to riches story, truly made life an inspiring journey for others. For Tanweer, success is not the destination, but the journey. Every roadblock met along the way refines the character. And in that process, a person achieves personal success. “Never give up and always follow your passion. Your passion will drive you to work harder,” Tanweer advises young entrepreneurs. Tanweer recalls hard times when Gem by Gems was just starting out. “As a SME, applying for loans was not easy so we faced challenges when we were trying to create brand awareness. Advertising in Singapore is costly,” he said. Focusing on hard work and pure commitment to deliver quality service paid off. Tanweer did not have to heavily advertise because his customers did the word-of-mouth advertising for him.

In the next five years, Tanweer sets his sight on expanding Gem by Gems to Malaysia and Indonesia. He is fearless and determined. “If ever there will be failures, I will think positive and remind myself that everything happens for a reason,” he says.

Hard and pure as a diamond, Mr. Tanweer Hussain’s entrepreneurial spirit shines. Indeed, his business principle is rare and beautiful, which makes his customized jewellery business always sought after for its quality. After all, he is–in his own right– a sparkling diamond, who has endured the heat of adversity and the test of time to shine and inspire others.


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