The time has come to purchase an engagement ring. What sounds like a daunting task is not that difficult at all. What kind of engagement ring are you looking for?

Classic Solitaire RingClassic Solitaire Rings
The timeless choice of many-the solitaire is always a popular choice due to its simplicity and beauty.

Rings with SidestonesRings with Sidestones
Sidestones will add that extra brilliance to your center diamond at a small cost.

Trilogy (Three Stone) SettingsThree Stone Settings
This ring has a larger center stone with two matching diamonds on either side. Representing the past, present and future-this ring certainly draws a lot of attention.

Rings with Matching Eternity BandRings with Matching Bands
Buying a wedding band that matches your engagement ring is becoming more and more popular.

The moment has come when you are now ready to take the plunge and you want to buy that perfect engagement ring that will make her shout, “Yes, Yes, Yes!” But before you propose, you’ll have to make some decisions. Follow our guide to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered.

STEP 1 – What does she like?
Finding out what she likes shouldn’t be too hard. If she hasn’t already spoken to you about it, she’s surely to have mentioned it to her closest friends. Otherwise, you can always ask her mother – you’re sure to score some points by letting your future mother – in – law in on the big surprise first. If all else fails, just take a look at the rest of her jewellery and you should at least be able to tell if she prefers yellow gold or white gold and start from there. At Gem By Gems, expert advice is just a phone call away.

STEP 2 – Choose a quality Jeweller
In making such an important purchase, it’s important that you choose the right jeweller who will help you find exactly what you want and deliver it on time. Gem By Gems offers a diamond certificate (only for 0.30ct above), ring appraisal, exceptional customer service and 2 instalments (50 – 50) payment – no questions asked.

STEP 3 – Set your budget
When setting your budget, keep in mind that you are purchasing both a setting and a center stone. The familiar standard of spending two months’ salary on an engagement ring is a good starting point. Before you settle on a specific amount to spend, take some time to learn what qualities you’re looking for in both a diamond and a setting. Regardless of what style engagement ring you choose, it should be of the best possible quality available in your price range.
Gem By Gems carries all the highest quality diamonds for every budget.

STEP 4 – Choosing the right diamond/ gemstone
Like any important purchase, you should understand what you’re buying before choosing a diamond. Our Education center includes all the information you’ll need to make a confident, informed decision. Start by choosing a diamond shape that best fits her style. Learning about the Four Cs (cut, colour, clarity and carat weight) and certification will help you determine which qualities are most important to you and her. Last but not least, you’ll have to settle on a size for your diamond. Bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to diamonds. Only once you know what qualities are important to you will you be able to narrow down your search for that perfect diamond.

STEP 5 – Choose a setting and a band
There’s more to the diamond when you’re purchasing a diamond ring, of course. There’s the setting (also called the mounting). This, like the shape of the stone itself is purely a matter of personal style. In addition to the style, the metal that the setting itself is crafted from is an important consideration.

Find out more detailed information about Gem By Gems settings and styles.

There’s more than just the diamond when purchasing a diamond ring. You will also have to decide how you want the diamonds to be set with your ring.

This, like the shape of the stone itself is purely a matter of personal style. In addition to the style, the metal that the setting itself is crafted from is an important consideration. Here, we present several of the most popular setting styles, along with brief descriptions of what makes each one special.

– Rings with Sidestones
– Solitaire Setting
– Channel Setting
– Three Stone Rings
– Bar Setting
– Invisible Setting
– Bezel Setting
– Cluster Setting
– Tension Setting
– Pavé Setting
– Prong Setting

Ring Settings


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