1. Custom Made items/ Goods sold is non refundable/ exchangeable.

2. Deposit received/ payment made is strictly non refundable.

3. Custom designs cannot be changed or edited in any way during or after manufacturing process. Please confirm design and specifications.

4. Completion of an item can take anywhere from 30 to 90 working days. Unless, otherwise stated.

5. With all customized items, amount and/ or size of side diamonds or gemstones used can be slightly more or less than amount stated in invoice. Should the amount and/ or size of diamonds/ gemstones used be more than the amount stated in the invoice, Gem By Gems will absorb all additional costs. If amount and/ or size of diamonds used is less than the amount stated in the invoice, no refund will be issued on the difference. And price will remain as per invoice amount.

6. All items are to be collected within 1 month of completion date. Items not collected within this time frame will be charged storage fees at S$10.00 per day.

7. Re-sizing of rings is chargeable at S$30.00 per ring.

8. Re-sizing will take 2 to 3 weeks. In the event that your celebration date clashes with our re-sizing time frame, Gem By Gems will re-size your rings after your celebration date.

9. Due to design constraints, not all rings are re-sizeable. Please check with us on the possibility of re-sizing based on your design.

10. Price quoted are subject to change at any time in event of unprecedented fluctuations in Gold/ Platinum/ Palladium/ Silver/ Diamonds/ Gemstones prices.

11. Full outstanding balance is required upon collection.

12. Gem By Gems reserves all rights to cancel any orders in the unlikely event of unforeseen circumstances. Deposit amount will be refunded in full within 30 working days of notification of cancellation.

13. As all items are handmade, customers are reminded to manage fair expectations on all custom made items. However, Gem By Gems is always committed in making your item as close as possible to images/ drawings received.

14. Lifetime Guarantee/ Warranty of all Gem By Gems items will be fully voided with immediate effect should you choose to maintain (polished/ re-size/ re-set/ re-buff/ colour re-tone/ re-plate) with your preferred vendor other than Gem By Gems, any form of wear and tear, damages caused by misused, loss due to improper handling, any modifications made by the Purchaser without prior consent/ advice from Gem By Gems or items that has missing “GBG” Trademark.

15. Express order is available upon request. Minimum charges applies.

16. All customers are expected to read and agree to the terms and conditions before confirmation of orders.

17. Gem By Gems reserves all rights on all images and video on all items.

18. All price quoted during your visit at Gem By Gems is valid for only 7 days.

19. Gem By Gems reserves all rights on photos, videos and drawings of all items made from us for use on all purposes including marketing, promotions and advertisement.. Use of all photos,videos and drawings must be accompanied by written agreement from Gem By Gems.

20. Gem By Gems reserves all rights to replicate any design made by us. Should you choose to make your design limited only to you, there will be a charge of S$2,000 per item for this request.

21. Installment payment plan is available upon request.

22. All Terms and Conditions are subjected to change without prior notice

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